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What are the Stages of Lung Cancer by Naeima Seddiqi

One of the deadly diseases that thousands of people suffer from is called lung cancer. As the name suggests this is a cancer that is formed in one or both lungs of an individual that can gradually prevail and have serious consequences including death. The lungs are one of the leading important organs for one’s survival. It is through the lungs that oxygen can be provided to the body through the blood. Without the supply of oxygen, it would only take a couple of minutes for the brain to stop functioning. Lungs are big and have a spongy type texture and feel to them. They are located on both the left and right sides of the chest. The air that one inhales through the nose or mouth enters a tube called the trachea that is connected to both of the lungs. The trachea branches into two tubes and each of those is connected to one lung. These two tubes are called the right main stem bronchus and the left main stem bronchus. Both of these tubes are then divided into smaller branches of tubes (bronchus) inside each of the lungs. It is through the bronchus that the oxygen inhaled goes to the bloodstream and the carbon dioxide of the blood exists it.

Both of the lungs may look identical but in reality, they are not the same. The lung on the right side is made of three parts (lobes) and the lung on the left is made of only two parts. An important muscle called the Diaphragm muscle is located exactly below the lungs. This muscle helps the lungs in the process of expansion and contraction while they take in the O2 and let out the CO2. Therefore, it can be seen how crucial the well functioning of the lungs is to one’s life. The growth of abnormal cells is one of the many things that can alter the normal function of the lungs. These cells are created as a result of a mutation while cells are continuously being created. Therefore, the overtime growth of these cells can eventually transform into tumors that prevent the normal transfer of air to the blood. These abnormal cells are often first started in the bronchi, which is the main airway of the lungs.

At the beginning stages, lung cancer may not show any signs or symptoms. As the cancer develops signs start to appear. Some of these symptoms are shortness of breath, persistent coughs, coughs with blood, chest pain, weakness, and sudden unplanned weight loss. In the medical field, the seriousness of long-term cancer formation just as with other cancers is marked by different stages. In the hidden stage, the cancer can appear in the lung fluids but no tumor can be detected.

Stages of Lung Cancer:

In stage 0 the cancer has grown enough to reach the other tissues in the lungs. In stage 1 the cancer has been able to form a small tumor that is removable with surgery. In stage 2 the tumor has grown more than the first stage but it could or could not have gotten to other parts of the lung. The stage 3 of the cancer is dangerous since it is extremely difficult for the tumor to be removed. The cancer may have been able to get to the center of the chest and outside the lungs. Therefore, this makes it harder for the cancer to be treated. Stage 4 of this cancer is the worst stage of the cancer. At this stage, the cancer has been able to spread to more than one part of the body. At this stage, the cancer could have traveled to places such as the brain, bones, and liver.

At both stages 3 and 4 surgery may not be a resolution to the removal of the tumor. Therefore, it is best if such diseases are caught in the early stages. Chemotherapy is one of the medical procedures that people affected by this disease are treated with.

Diseases such as lung cancer are life-threatening. However, to reduce the chances of getting affected by it there are certain percussions that people need to take. Smoking has to be avoided since it increases one’s chances of lung cancer. Eating healthy and frequent exercises can also help reduce the chances of getting affected by this disease.



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