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My Experience with V-Tach (Ventricular Tachycardia) by Nick Tarnawczyk

Ventricular Tachycardia or Vtach for short is a condition that occurs in one’s heart specifically in the lower ventricles. It is when a person happens to have either an irregular fast heartbeat, and can lead to an extra beat which leads to more complications. This condition can occur anytime during one’s life whether you are young or old. The causes of someone getting a Vtach are unknown but can be linked to such things as passed down from family, after heart surgery, after a heart attack, and even medications known to treat irregular heartbeats can cause one to have a Vtach. This may also occur by using illegal substance, or by using stimulants in working out that are likely to boost your energy. The symptoms that occur with a Vtach are that of chest pain, dizziness, syncope (fainting), being able to feel your heartbeat and feeling uneasy. These are only a few of the symptoms that one may feel when either diagnosed with, or belief that one has a Vtach. There are a few ways that one can treat this condition it is usually treated by doing monitored workouts, a change to a healthy lifestyle (being a diet change), or be placed on a high blood pressure medication that relaxes one’s heart to keep a normal pace, and beat. People with Vtach are usually given a heart monitor of the sorts to keep track of any abnormalities in one’s daily life that can be recorded and later read by doctors. These are the facts of the condition that one can look for if believed to be suffering from Vtach.

All of the above where things that I learned about myself at the age of 17. It is a very devastating thing to happen to someone at the prime age of their youth when you are a senior in high school, and have many things to look forward too. This all occurred when I was in my prime working out at Golds Gym, and I had a syncope spell. They believed that it was simply the effects of me using a stimulant for working out (a pre workout with enough caffeine to keep a normal person up for a week!) and becoming dehydrated. The stimulant made for a lot of fun I tested positive for Meth getting questioned by the cops in the emergency room was the highlight of waking up, and not knowing where I was. The symptoms that were noticed in the future were only discovered because of a stress test. The results showed that I had a fast and irregular heartbeat that did not provide enough oxygen enriched blood to keep me on my two feet. Once all of this was discovered many actions such as the ones I stated above came into play. I was monitored by a portable heart monitor that was nearly useless being a teen that forgets everything. The last result was that of surgically putting a loop recorder in my chest that automatically records any abnormality. The surgery itself is an in and out type ordeal, but you must be in a sling for about a week. I was only allowed to take walks with other never by myself. As far as diet went it was a much healthier lifestyle rather than the 900 calories I was eating a day. Also to make sure I was placed on Atenolol which is a blood pressure medication to help slow my heart rate. Although the treatments are easy to follow you must be monitored for the next 4 years of your life.

The condition itself is treated easily once it is discovered. After a year or so the condition itself can go away although there is no exact treatment to directly stop it. I hope that this article will help open one’s eyes to the medical facts, and the actual experience of one having this condition first hand.






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