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HeartSaver CPR and BLS Training : Understanding the Differences and Similarities

It is essential to recognize the difference between BLS (Basic Life Support) training and HeartSaver CPR training. Even though BLS and HeartSaver CPR have similarities in techniques, they do require different levels of training and skills. However, one thing is certain: Both BLS and CPR save lives. 

What is BLS?    

Basic Life Support (BLS) is a type of CPR that can be performed to support life during emergencies until the patient can receive advanced medical attention. It is provided by healthcare professionals who are certified in BLS by the American Heart Association. This training is different than that of a non-healthcare provider CPR class. It includes additional training on advanced equipment, techniques, and how to work with others in the healthcare team for a successful outcome. 

Who is Trained to Perform BLS? 

Most people who are trained to perform BLS are healthcare professionals or healthcare students who have regular contact with patients in a clinical environment. Some examples of professionals who must be certified in BLS are nurses, doctors, paramedics, EMTs, medical assistants, dentists, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, nursing students, physician assistants, and anyone participating in a patient care setting.  

The Components of BLS 

 BLS is used when someone is not breathing, has no pulse, or is choking. The components of BLS include assessment of scene safety, assessing to see if the victim is breathing, checking for a pulse, activating the emergency response, using an AED (automated external defibrillator), administering chest compressions and rescue breaths at the proper rate and ratio based on 1 and 2 rescuer scenarios.  

What is HeartSaver CPR?         

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a type of care that can be performed when a victim suffers from cardiac arrest. CPR is a technique of compressing the chest to cause the heat to pump, oxygenate the blood, and restore circulation for a person who is experiencing cardiac arrest. CPR is very important and essential to preserve life. 

Who is Trained to Perform CPR? 

Anybody can be trained to perform CPR! You don’t need specific expertise in healthcare or public safety to learn how to provide CPR.  People who are properly trained can perform CPR to save lives during an emergency. 

When is CPR Used? 

CPR is used in emergency situations like cardiac arrest or when a person is no longer breathing properly.  There are some differences between BLS and CPR, but both greatly increase the chances of survival for a victim experiencing cardiac arrest. BLS is intended for health professionals. CPR is intended for the general public. Both save lives! 

The Level of Training Required. 

HeartSaver CPR provides training for people without specialized knowledge or background in healthcare. BLS on the other hand requires more advanced skills and training. BLS is typically performed by medical professionals, first responders, healthcare providers, or individuals with specialized training.  

The Equipment Used for Each Technique. 

Both HeartSaver CPR and BLS rely on high-quality chest compressions, effective rescue breaths, and rapid use of an AED when available. BLS also uses equipment such as a bag-valve-mask device. It also includes an introduction to advanced airways, and team rescues that may involve manual defibrillation and other advanced techniques.  

Similarities Between BLS and CPR 

BLS and HeartSaver CPR have the same goal: To sustain life until advanced medical treatment can be obtained. Both are important in emergency situations where people’s lives are at risk. Both can be a vital part of rescuing people from life-threatening emergencies.      

In summary, BLS and HeartSaver CPR do have some differences but both save lives. Simply put, BLS is a more specialized type of CPR for healthcare professionals. Both require training. Whether you’re a healthcare provider, rescue worker, first responder, or even a layperson we can all benefit from learning how to perform CPR.

If you are looking for BLS Training Certification around Tampa, just Sign up for our  BLS Training in Tampa to experience relaxed, fun, stress-free classes with our friendly Instructors.   

CPR Tampa is ready to provide the best training, whatever your need.  We believe you and the people you may help, deserve the best.  

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