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CPR Tampa Class Reviews | Palm Harbor, FL

Nursing Student

“Best CPR I’ve Every Taken!”

The following class reviews include healthcare providers, emergency medical professionals, students, and non-healthcare providers feedback on the CPR class that they took by an American Heart Association instructor that teaches for our CPR companies. These classes include Basic Life Support (BLS for healthcare providers), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and Heartsaver CPR and First Aid for the general public.

These course reviews were taken directly from a voluntary after class evaluation form. In each case permission was asked in order to use each comment. We find our students are more than happy to provide feedback regarding the classes they take with us. We guarantee your experience with us at CPR Tampa in the Palm Harbor, Florida location is just as amazing. If after one hour of class you’re not satisfied with the course for any reason, we will give you a full refund plus a ten dollar gas card for your trouble.

“Easy to register! Well taught. Instructor was clear and concise.” Anthony Strak, Student


“Very informative. Great instructors.” Dan Erickson, Student


“Overall Great Class!” Lori Cobb, Medical Assistant


ACLS Class for paramedics

“Stress-Free, Organized Class.”

“Class was made very comfortable and instructors are awesome!” Ruth Fitch, RN


“Everything was accommodating to my needs. Will use them again.” Lauren Newton, Pharmacist


“Instructors were Great!” Eric Lieb, Dentist


“Very pleased with the whole process. I called the phone number and received a prompt response. Signed up easily. Will definitely train here again.” Lauren Newton, Student


“Excellent! Easy to register and met schedule. Instructor great. Good manikins and small class size.” Bridget Gaily, Physician

dental hygienist

“Awesome Instructor.”


“Really like small class size and informal style.” Kate Brankam, FNP


“Very good.” Karin Rossi, RN


“Thorough and informative class. Instructor input and anecdotes and examples were helpful.” Bryan Reid, Neurophysiology Tech


“Easy to follow, simple and fast.” Megan Caldwell, Nanny


“Customer service was great. Equipment was the best I’ve used.” Tom Bowles, Paramedic


Student Review

“Easy to Register. Great Customer Service!”

“Been a nurse for 35+ years. Best Class Ever!!!” Wanda Davis, RN


“Great class! Instructor was awesome and made everything stress free while imparting required skills and knowledge.” Ben Hibbett, Nursing Student


“I really learned what I need and the teacher was good.” Charrmen Burnett, CRN


“Registration was quick and easy, facility was perfect size and atmosphere, instructor was easy to understand and helpful.” Bertram Hessler, Student


“Wonderful, Very Organized Class!” Kathy White, PA


“Everyone was great.” Michael Gerstner, Paramedic


“Liked the informal feel to class, felt free to ask questions. Angela McLaughlin, RN


“Best BLS class I’ve ever taken.” Jon Ryder, EMT


“Thorough coverage of PALS.” Julie Venegani, RN


“Wonderful class. Loved the instructor.” Kelly Fereday, RN


“Learned a lot about CPR and First Aid.” Megan McAfee, Personal Trainer


“Registration was simple and took 90 seconds online. Staff was wonderful.” Jorden Jurgens, Resident Physician


“Well taught BLS class for healthcare providers.” Donna Blackwood, Dental Hygienist

Student reviews, cpr tampa

“Fun Class! Friendly Instructor.”


“Class registration easy, friendly, clean, awesome instructor.” Jessica Villard, RN


“Well organized, fast class. Thank you.” Tim Johnson, Teacher


“I learned so much!” Katherine Harris, Grandmother


“The instructor was very knowledgeable, and made the class entertaining. He explained things in a “real life” scenario which was extremely helpful. Great job.” Lori Atwood, Medial Assistant


“Low Stress! No Anxiety! Best class I’ve ever taken.” Rachel, BSN