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Identifying Bacillus cereus | Microbiology Unknown Lab

By at May 25, 2015 | 9:11 am | 0 Comment

Microbiology UNKNOWN LAB REPORT Unknown Number 124  Caroline Marshak April 5, 2015 Jay Snaric Spring 2015   INTRODUCTION There are very many reasons to know about microorgansims, a few of which have been shown in the microbiology lecture class. These materials were then transferred to the lab portion and studied by several students to learn more about the more...

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What are the Stages of Lung Cancer by Naeima Seddiqi

By at May 23, 2015 | 11:49 am | 0 Comment

One of the deadly diseases that thousands of people suffer from is called lung cancer. As the name suggests this is a cancer that is formed in one or both lungs of an individual that can gradually prevail and have serious consequences including death. The lungs are one of the leading important organs for one’s survival. It is through the lungs that oxygen can be more...

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Micro Lab Report | Staphylococcus epidermidis

By at May 22, 2015 | 5:15 pm | 0 Comment

UNKNOWN LAB REPORT Unknown Number 102   Christine Betlejewski May 5, 2015 Professor Jay Snaric Microbiology Spring 2015   INTRODUCTION Microorganisms are everywhere and it is important to know, not only the type of microorganism, but what effects it can have on the environment, as well as humans.  Determining which microorganism a patient is infected with more...

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What is Chronic Inflammatory Demyelination of Polyneuropathy (CIDP) by Max Price

By at May 21, 2015 | 6:14 pm | 0 Comment

Many people have never heard of the disease presented in the title above, and even fewer can spell it, pronounce it, or explain what it is.  As someone who suffered through this awful condition for over 6 months about 6 years ago, I learned about it the hard way.  I’m going to use this paper to explain to you the damages of Chronic Inflammatory Demyelination of more...


What is Gingivitis Gum Disease by Inayatullah Shaheen

By at May 19, 2015 | 7:26 am | 0 Comment

As we all know, brushing our teeth is a good way to keep our self-healthy. A person who brushes his or her teeth one time a day, will have a little or no effects on the teeth, gums, and it wont destroys the bacteria totally. Whereas brushing two times a day and each time after each meal, will provide you and your teeth a healthy teeth and healthy body as well. Did you more...

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