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Identifying Staphylococcus aureus | Microbiology Unknown Lab

By at June 24, 2015 | 6:43 am | 0 Comment

UNKNOWN LAB REPORT Unknown Number 120, Alternate 3 Emily Specter May 5, 2015 Professor Jay Snaric Introduction to Microbiology Spring 2015     INTRODUCTION Although naked to the eye, microorganisms play a key role in the lives of every human being. In the health field, while microorganisms are responsible for causing diseases, they are also more...

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Bacillus cereus vs. Bacillus subtilis | Microbiology Unknown Lab Report

By at June 15, 2015 | 8:22 am | 0 Comment

Microbiology Unknown Lab Report Kelly Downar Spring 2015   Introduction Identifying a specific bacterium from a wide variety of bacteria is important in trying to help a sick patient take the correct preventative measures needed. It is essential in knowing the right bacteria causing the problem, so that the person can be treated in the correct way and the more...

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Sex Hormones and Multiple Sclerosis Link by Kelcey Rankin

By at June 8, 2015 | 7:18 am | 0 Comment

  Unless someone you know well or love has Multiple Sclerosis, it is probably safe to assume your knowledge is limited to a few facts. Multiple Sclerosis, or it’s common acronym MS, is a chronic, progressively debilitating, incurable disease. MS occurs when the immune system attacks the myelin, a sheath or covering that protects nerve fibers. The nerves in the more...

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Allergies: An Easy to Read Article by Dalal Abduljaleel

By at June 7, 2015 | 8:49 am | 0 Comment

Allergies are associated with the immune system. Allergies take place when the immune system produces antibodies as a reaction to any strange substances.  Those antibodies work as a protection against anything that would lead to any sickness or infection. As a reaction, the immune system identifies an allergen as harmful and can inflame different body parts such as the more...

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Alzheimer’s: An Easy to Read Article by Lauren VonOehsen

By at June 6, 2015 | 8:48 am | 0 Comment

Alzheimer’s is a disease in which it starts to affect ones’ memory, behavior, and daily life tasks. It is the most common form of dementia. Dementia is a term that describes a range of symptoms associated with signs of decreasing memory and skills due to physical changes in the brain. About 60-80% of dementia cases reported are Alzheimer’s. There are ten (plus) more...

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